Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Just Clowning around!!

I don't know what happened yesterday, but I got a little clown bug and ran with it!!
"Smile in my heart."
And the inspiration just kept coming,
"Send in the Clowns."
last but not least, came my favorite,
"You make me smile."
I don't know why clowns but they just seemed to work for my yesterday.  My husband is always teasing me about being afraid of clowns, just because I don't like the circus.  
Well I still don't care for the circus, don't ask me why? But I am obviously not afraid of clowns!!
I hope they make you smile, enjoy!!


Clare said...

these clowns are so cute - and not even scary

romance-of-roses said...

Well yes, your clowns made me smile, however, I do not like clowns and don't like the circus either. Same goes for my daughters and granddaughters. Don't know what it is about clowns that we don't like, but do like your darling clowns.

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